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    What causes hernia ??

    What causes hernia? There is usually no obvious reason for a hernia, except for an incisional hernia being a complication of abdominal surgery. Risk of hernia increases with age and is more common in men than women.1 A hernia can be congenital present at birth or develop in children with a weakness in their abdominal wall.2 Certain activities and medical problems raise pressure on the abdominal wall and can lead to a hernia, including:1,2 Straining on the toilet, for example because of long-term constipation Long-term cough Cystic fibrosis Enlarged prostate Straining to urinate Being overweight or obese Abdominal fluid Lifting heavy items Peritoneal dialysis Poor nutrition Smoking Physical exertion Undescended testicles. ============== Hernia


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